Seven Awesome Days

How Did it All Begin?

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Seven Awesome Days

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One eventful morning, a Great Creator began drafting the most successful mobile unit ever made. There are seven billion of them in use today! They work with marvelous efficiency, create their own fuel, power their own movement, even have their own built-in repair facilities!

Now it can be seen that these units are the brilliant gem of a remarkable mind! Their Inventor has written out the entire blueprint—and what is the news today? That blueprint is available and understandable! Called “DNA”, it’s made up of no less than 3,176,700,000 words (!), covering every detail of the mobile unit’s working parts and showing how each part works—a Creator’s Masterpiece, the Human Body! The rest of the story?
Read about it in “Seven Awesome Days!”
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Welcome! We’re glad to meet you…and introduce you to…

The Great Mystery

How did we get here? It’s been puzzled over and debated, endlessly! We will help you to unravel this mystery, once and for all.

The Great Love Story

Filled with drama, dripping with stories of delightful gifts to win the heart. Close to home, the story tells of all that a Great Creator did to win your heart! 

The Great Thrill

It’s the thrill of knowing who I am and how I got here…
and that I am here for a lofty purpose!


All this on the thrilling journey through

Seven Awesome Days

…kickoff to our world’s colorful history!

It’s a story of stunning beauty and overflowing plenty, of incredible new things, even of intrigue and betrayal….how in just seven days a Great Creator sculptured our world into the marvelous thing it is today!

Come and join us on the Incredible Journey!


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